Friday, July 5, 2013

Camouflage Lachha Paratha

My 3 year old has stopped touching veggies since the last couple of months. I am able to get some into his mouth if they are disguised. The kids love paratha so I usually blend leftover veggies and knead the flour in that to make regular parathas but since the sabji from yesterday was quite spicy, I figured I'd just prepare from scratch and use brussell sprouts and brocolli.

My sister in law recently was visiting from india and taught  me how to make lachha (layered) parathas. It's such an easy process that even I can make these super fast! 
15 brussell sprouts
10-15 brocolli florets
4 cups whole wheat flour
2 tbsp flax seed flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup plain yogurt
water to knead the flour

Wash the brussell sprouts and brocolli florets and cook them in a pressure cooker with 3/4 cups of water. After 3-4 whistles, remove the cooker from the flame and once the pressure has subsided, open the cooker and allow the contents to cool.
Blend this into fine puree with a hand mixer. In a large mixing bowl add flour, flax seed flour, salt and mix. Add the pureed veggies and the yogurt and knead till the dough is soft. You can use a little water if needed. Then divide the dough into ~ 10 -12 round balls and keep them covered to prevent drying.

Take 1 ball, flatten it  and roll it in flour.

With a rolling pin (belan) make a roti. 
Spread Ghee or olive oil . 

Sprinkle dry flour all over the ghee. 

Using the edge of a spoon make a cut from center to edge. 

It will look like this. 

Start rolling it into a cone.

This is how it will look.

Dip both ends into flour and flatten it by pulling the broad end slowly over the narrow end and pressing the narrow part in at the same time.

It should look like this. Some of the layers will be visible.
 Put some dry flour on it and flatten it into a circle using the rolling pin with light pressure so that you can see the layers.
Cook it on a hot tava with ghee and serve hot with Raita and pickle.

You can use any vegetable for this. Just cook ( steam/boil ) and puree. Enjoy!

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